Permanent Lifting Magnets: NEO – NEO-HV Series

Walker’s self-contained lifting magnets are versatile compact and easy to operate.  Our self-contained magnets can be used to move material in any plant, shipping / receiving areas, and storerooms as well as on cutoff saws, burning, plasma, laser and welding tables. Some units are able to handle pipe, tubing, I & H beams, angles, channels, tees and pilings.

Permanent Lift Magnets Details

NEO Series
The NEO-125, NEO-250, NEO-500, NEO-1000, NEO-1500 and NEO-2000 make up the original NEO Series. Specialized in rapidly and safely moving around heavy, flat or round steel objects, these material lifting magnets are commonly used in steel supply, machine, and die shops.
NEO-HV Series
Imagine you have a plate lying on a pallet and you want to put it onto your horizontal machining center. Operators have to do this many times a day and they usually have to struggle with clamps, slings or chains, often needing two people, to turn and keep the component in position. Three standard models are available: NEO-HV 250, NEO-HV 500 & NEO-HV 1000 with maximum lifting capacities of 550, 1100 and 2200 lbs. on flat AISI 1020 steel. NEO-HV lifting magnets are adjustable to accommodate a range of flat plates & flat circular disks. Lifting arms, NEO-HV 250, NEO-HV 500 and NEO-HV 1000 can be purchased separately and retrofitted to a NEO-250, NE0-500 or NE0-1000 lifting magnet.

NEO Series Features

Packed with the highest quality rare earth neodymium magnetic material

High lift capacity

Ease of operation

Low weight

Easy to move

No power consumption

No power consumption

Meets all safety standards and requirements of ANSI / ASME B30.20

NEO Magnets can easily lift round bar, pipe, and flat plate

NEO Magnets can easily lift round bar, pipe, and flat plate

Model No.Cap. on PlateCap. on Rounds
lbs. kglbs. kg
NEO-HV Series Features

Uses Standard NEO-250, NEO-500 or NEO-1000 lifting magnet

Detachable lifting arm HV-250, HV-500 and HV-1000

Meets all the requirements of ANSI/ASME B30.20 (safety standard)

Supplied with manual, pull test certificate, video, and safety poster.

Neodymium magnetic material

Model No.Rated Lift Cap.
lbs. kg
Neo-hv 2500-5500-250
Neo-hv 11000-11000-500
Neo-hv 22000-22000-1000
Neo Series:
Model No.LengthWidthHeightWeightCap. on PlateCap. on Rounds
lbs.     kg
NEO-HV Series:
Model No.Rated Lift Cap.Plate WidthPlate LengthPlate ThicknessArm LengthWeight
Neo-hv 2500-5500-25011.8-31.5300-8008-60203-15240.25-5.96-150389656027
Neo-hv 11000-11000-50011.8-39.4300-100012-72305-18290.31-9.88-2494611688639
Neo-hv 22000-22000-100011.8-39.4300-100012.5-79318-20070.39-11.810-30048121915872